Berkeley Cougars
Berkeley Cougars
We teach youth
leadership and
teamwork. We
encourage our
athletes to be
great students
and players.
We need your
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berkeley_cougars001009.jpg berkeley_cougars001008.jpg berkeley_cougars001007.jpg berkeley_cougars001006.jpg berkeley_cougars001005.jpg
We need help
funding or new
2010 scholars
program. Visit
our program to
learn how kids
can apply and
how to help us
with funding for
We train young
athletes about quality fitness
and maintaing
healthy lifestyle
on and off field.

Fitness training
begins February
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President: John "Pops" Payne President
Vice President: Lois Payne
Secretary: Nichole Blair
Equipment Manager:
Ways & Means/Fund Raiser: Selection Pending
Snack Bar/Concessions: Open
Team Mom/Parent Coordinator: Open
Fund Raiser Assistant: Open
Cheer Coordinator: Open
Asst. Cheer Coordinator: Open
Head Cheer Coach: All Divisions Open
Midget Head Coach: Larry Pruitt Jr.
Jr. Midget Head Coach: Terry Collins Sr.
Pee Wee Head Coach: Eldridge Big Cat Tolefree
Jr. Pee Wee Head Coach: Open
Mighty Mite Head Coach: Open
Asst. Mighty Mite Coach: Open
Asst. Pee Wee Coach: Open

If you are interested in any of the open positions above, send your contact information and position to:
Board Members have (1) one vote on organizational matters, please read our bi-laws, including participation rules and our parent policy. Board and coach commitments are (2) seasons in accordance with bi-laws, and subject to elections thereafter. The following positions above with the 2010 Berkeley Cougars Youth Football and Cheer are vacant until filled, for duties and outlines please check out our bi-laws prior to commitment:

Football coaches will have play calling duties and scheme responsibilities. If you are interested in any of the open posted board or coaches positions above, please forward your current contact information and title of your position to:
Snack Bar & Merchandise Coordinator:

1. Oversee all snack bar purchases for BCYF, as directed by the President, or BOD or Committee.
2. Maintain financial records, budgets and reports, submit weekly records to the treasurer.
3. Conducts inventory and regular timely purchases for all home games, special events, and other sales.
4. Ensures all funds collected from sales are forwarded to the treasurer.
5. Responsible for ordering, purchasing and the accountability of snack bar products and merchandise.
6. Schedule all sales shifts and personnel for home games, special events and team play-off games.
7. Performs other related duties as assigned by the President or BOD.

Team Moms:

1. Reports to the Head Cheer Coordinator or designee, while assists the Head Football and Cheer Coach of their team.
2. Establishes and oversees the team snack table sales, table workers, clean-up crew and assures compliance with the League Fundraiser Policy.

3. Maintains all League required paperwork and routes it correctly through the League system.
4. Maintains proper records of all emails, team notifications, and information disbursed and returned for the League, and for their respective Cheer and Football players.
5. Assists the Head Coach and Cheer Coordinator with assigned game activities.
6. Performs other related duties as assigned an at-will volunteer.
7. Must be a mother of certified player or cheerleader for BCYF.

Purchasing Agent & Equipment Manager:

1. Work under the direction of the VP Football.
2. Provide an equipment budget for the next season to the VP Football at year end.
3. Maintain the integrity of football uniforms as stated.
4. In coordination with coaches, be responsible for creating and maintaining an annual football equipment and uniform budget.
5. Be responsible for issuing necessary equipment and uniforms to all football players. (Assure the equipment fits properly and is in good working order.)
6. Periodically inspect all team equipment before, during, and after the season and correct any deficiencies.
7. Coordinate equipment and uniform ordering with the Vice-president Football.
8. Collect and process after season equipment returns.
9. Provide equipment return information to the VP Football, and to the Treasurer to facilitate a timely and accurate return of equipment deposits.
10. Provide emergency equipment and supplies to coaches.
11. Maintain an accurate and updated inventory of all equipment. At season end, provide an updated inventory to the VP Football.
12. Provide an annual equipment budget for the next season to the VP Football at year end.
13. Perform other duties as pertain to the office of Equipment Manager and other duties which are.

Coaches Commissioner & Safety Coordinator:

1. Be responsible for safety and medical activities of BCYF, including making certain all coaches emergency preparations are made before the start of all practices, games and events.
2. Be responsible for becoming familiar with the policy requirements and limitations of the various insurance requirements, assure BCYF coaches, players and parents complies with them.
3. Insure compliance with BCYF and affiliate league field safety standards.
4. Recommend to the Board any proposals concerning the coaches and players safety of participants.
5. Coordinate with team coaches, assign as attendants, schedule them as needed for all BCYF events.
6. Schedule training for coaches and individuals as required by BCYF and affiliate league standards.
7. Acquire and maintain medical kits conforming to BCYF and affiliate league standards.
8. Initiate and implement ongoing coaching updates and safety awareness programs for coaches.
9. Provide an annual safety budget for the next season to the VP Football at year end.
10. Perform other duties as pertain to the office of Coaches Commissioner and Safety Officer and other duties which are directed by the President, BOD, or Committee.
Parent & Volunteer Coordinator:

1. Maintain a roster of support staff and assure all required positions are filled for each home game.
2. Appoint Team-moms annually with the approval of head coaches and the VP of Football and the VP of Cheer.
3. Act as liaison between Team-moms and BOD for the purpose of procuring volunteer assistance for football games, fundraising, and all other events sponsored by the BCYF.
4. Be responsible for organizing an Advisory Board of parents for the purpose of planning and conducting volunteer activities.
5. Schedule of volunteers activities, in cooperation with Committee members, including but not limited to:
a. PAR Volunteers
b. Chain Gang
c. Concessions Stand (home games)
d. Spartans Merchandise Store (home games)
e. Home Game Announcer (home games)
f. Gate Ticket Takers (home games)
g. Program Sales (home games)
h. Field Set-up (home games)
i. Field Clean-up (home games)
j. Field Clean-up (High School home games)
k. Scheduling qualified medical attendants
l. Coordinate with President, VPís to make arrangements for and manage team pictures.
m. Perform other duties as official Coordinator and duties as directed by the President, or BOD.

Ways & Means/Fundraising Director:

1. Reports directly to the President and treasurer to discuss day to day needs of the organization.
2. Oversees all actions of the Board, Coaches, players and parents with the exception of the Treasurerís duties as described above.
3. Responsible for organizational and team personnel matters, assists the President in the establishment of League Rules, Policies and Procedures.
4. Recruits new coaches, new players and assistant coaches, and performs other related duties as assigned, as an at-will volunteer.
5. Be responsible for creating, planning, proposing, and conducting associations fund-raising activities.
6. Will ensure that all fund-raising activities or programs are in compliance with State and Federal laws pertaining to non-profit organizations, including health permits and safe food handling regulations.
7. Coordinate programs, scheduling, and the signing up of companies to sponsor BCYF.
8. Provide an annual fundraising budget for the next season to the President at year end.
9. Is to chair the Fundraising Committee, if one is appointed.
10. Perform other duties as pertain to the office of Fundraising Coordinator and other duties which are directed by the President, BOD or Committee.

Head Coaches:

1. Reports to the team President, VPís and Coordinators, assists in all pre-game and post-game rules issues, prepare, issue and fulfill all document and paperwork requirements and deadlines, supervises all phases of activities related to BCYF organization concepts and team structure.
2. Responsible for all activities of all Assistant(s) coaches, implement strategic plans and tactics, oversee recruiting players or cheerleaders, and your coaches, maintain legible play books and roster information.
3. Instructs coaching staff, players and parents in proper, safe game methodology, maintains fair distribution of playing time records of all assigned football players.
4. Must update and maintain accurate team records of assistant coaches and players, turn in individual game stats and reports on time to the league or BCYF, update organization of player changes.
5. Ensures that all parents and assigned youth athletes have a positive, fun experience while learning the fundamentals of youth football and cheer, while ensuring parent and player retention goals are met.
6. Must maintain positive, professional demeanor, while implementing verbal reinforcement at all times.